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Our signature products include:

•  EASY Machine Sewn Folded Star Hot Pad Pattern with Custom Interfacing Template

•  Multi-Pack of Folded Star Hot Pad Interfacing Templates.

The folded star hot pad is a classic pattern that has been around for decades. This pattern was formerly made in a difficult and time-consuming manner. Despite its difficulty, people loved it, but after making one would rarely again do it. Our new pattern offers sewers a new and fast, and precision technique to accomplish in a couple hours what took all day previously. The end results are excellent.

Our method is made with a unique foundation template and technique for building the folded star. Four layers of fabric plus backing creates a thick and beautiful creation and is held together by stitching through the layers in-between the folds. 

The foundation 90 and 45 degree lines give you the exact placement for each triangle. The top layer shown has eight triangles positioned on the same ring of the template. This forms a perfect star. The bottom layer, the yellow fabric shown, is made with 4 triangles.

The template is printed with a custom ruler that measures the distance of each row in ½” and ¼” increments. When you place the folded triangles onto a line of the ruler with eight consecutively placed triangles at 90 and 45 degree angles, it forms a perfect star. We recommend  using a water soluble glue stick to baste the star together.